About Dr. Simmons

My Mission

My mission is to help hair-loss sufferers look and feel their best by offering exceptional, natural-looking hair transplants that defy detection.

My Personal Hair Restoration Experience

My hair was thinning noticeably in front and in 1989 I had my first hair transplant with the old punch graft method. This made my hairline fuller but over the next few years I lost the natural hair that camouflaged my old-style grafts. In 1994 and then 1998, Dr. Seager used a combination of minigrafts and micrografts to fill in the balding areas between the larger grafts and to work further back into the thinning areas in the midscalp. These sessions made my hair look fuller and more natural but I still needed to style my hair carefully to hide the grafts. In 2001, Dr. Seager used all-follicular unit hair transplantation to make my hairline look more natural then in 2004, he performed follicular unit hair transplantation to improve my coverage in the midscalp.

I have personally experienced the dramatic improvements in the techniques of hair restoration. Without hair transplantation, I would be bald today in a Norwood 6 pattern. That is I would have had hair in the sides and back of my head but I would have been bald in front, on top, and in my crown. I have no regrets about my hair transplant journey but acknowledge that it has taken me 5 hair transplants to do what can now be done in 2. I have continued to lose hair in my crown but my hair loss has slowed significantly.

My hair transplants are not quite as natural as the hair transplants we offer patients today but I still swim and play sports with confidence. I do have donor hair left to transplant into my crown but my past hair transplants with older techniques do make further hair transplantation more challenging.

I spend very little time thinking about my hair and focus instead on work, family, and play. I want to give my patients the confidence that I enjoy.

My Medical Background

I obtained my medical degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 1985 and became a certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada in 1987. I practiced family medicine and emergency medicine until Dr. David Seager invited me to join him as an associate in 1999. I trained and worked at the Seager Hair Transplant Centre from 1999 to 2005. I joined the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in 2002 and attended conferences and workshops then contributed as an author and presenter. In 2004, after written and oral examinations and submitting patient results, I became a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). That is the highest level of certification in my field and there are still fewer than 200 Diplomates world-wide.

In 2006, I founded The Canadian Hair Transplant Centre. With an experienced and dedicated team of assistants, our reputation grew. In 2009, I became a recommended physician on the hair transplant network and within the year was recommended as a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. Our results are subject to continuous review by my peers and by hair restoration patients to maintain these recommendations. With the growth of the practice, the demands on my time to both care for patients and to run the business became too great. In 2011, I divested my business responsibilities so I could focus on patient care and reunited with the Seager Medical Group. This has allowed me to do the work I enjoy most: performing hair transplants and looking after my patients.

I am an active member of the Ontario and Canadian Medical Associations, ISHRS, and ABHRS. I continue to author chapters in textbooks and journals and to present at ISHRS meetings.

Our Approach

I have always been committed to accurately diagnosing hair loss, discussing all options, and using professional judgment to offer hair transplantation only to those who will truly benefit from it.

We educate our patients and set honest and realistic expectations then meet or exceed those expectations. We never promise more than we can deliver.

I constantly study natural hairlines and design hairlines that uniquely match each patient’s face and facial features. Our transplanted hairlines will still look natural in the future, after further hair loss and after natural ageing. To create transplanted hairlines that defy detection, we need artistic design, knowledge, advanced techniques, and meticulous attention to detail in the hair transplantation process.

We always work with our patients’ best long-term interests in mind. Hair loss progresses and hair transplantation may be required in new areas later. We therefore plan ahead and aim to finish each hair transplant with the minimum obligation for more hair transplantation and with hair left in reserve for future needs. This requires careful planning for both the transplanted and donor areas.

We want our patients to get the maximum cosmetic benefit from each graft. To ensure the highest growth of the transplanted hair requires great care when preparing grafts and when transplanting them. It has been a privilege to have amassed some of the most dedicated and experienced assistants in the field to assist me in this goal.

We strive to be the best hair transplant centre in the world. While we are proud of our patients’ results and our work, we are always trying to improve. To do this, we need to adopt new approaches and techniques, adapt them to improve them further, and sometimes to create them. We must focus on both the art and science of hair restoration.

Our approach is to provide, you, our patients, with hair restoration in a safe, comfortable, and professional environment, using all of our knowledge and skill, to ensure you get world-class, natural looking results.


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