Hair Cloning

Posted by Introduction What if we could produce hair through the use of cloning? The treatments on the market today focus on maintaining what hair you have left or moving the small amount of permanent hair to regions where hair has been lost. Through the harnessing of tissue cloning we may soon be able to grow fresh new hair.Cloning...

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Fat Cells for Hair Regeneration

Posted by Introduction Hair is one of the most important symbols of youth and vitality. People throughout history have sought methods to maintain and restore ones hair. Hair loss, especially in the young, can be psychologically devastating (1). For sufferers of male- and female-pattern baldness there is the potential for surgery to move...

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Treatments for Hair Loss – Medication, Transplantation & Concealers

Posted by As a diverse condition hair loss affects diverse people including both men and women with various treatments available. Medication, surgery and concealers are three top options on the market today. Medication                 There are two main hair growth stimulating medications on the market today;...

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2489 Follicular Unit Grafts For A Norwood 3A Thinning Man

Posted by This 35 year-old man has average-fine, dark brown, wavy hair and a Norwood 3A thinning pattern. We transplanted 2489 Follicular Unit Grafts to his frontal area with densities varying from 56 to 42 grafts per square centimeter. Dr Simmons performed a trichophytic 1-layer closure with routine undermining of both edges. (He usually...

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3231 Follicular Unit Grafts in Front for Man Developing an Isolated Frontal Forelock

Posted by Our patient was 49 years old and had experienced hair loss for the past 25 years. He had a Norwood 3V thinning pattern but also appeared to be developing an isolated forelock. He was mainly concerned with his frontal area. He had average density and average diameter, salt-and-pepper hair. We transplanted 3231 Follicular Unit...

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