Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich-Plasma for Hair and Skin Rejuvenation

Posted by Introduction Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is becoming a more common term outside of the medical field as it has gained traction through the social-media and celebrity endorsement of procedures such as the “Vampire Facial.” However, the dermatologic benefits of PRP are broad. Various studies examining PRP’s applications have...

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Hair Cloning

Posted by Introduction What if we could produce hair through the use of cloning? The treatments on the market today focus on maintaining what hair you have left or moving the small amount of permanent hair to regions where hair has been lost. Through the harnessing of tissue cloning we may soon be able to grow fresh new hair. Cloning...

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Fat Cells for Hair Regeneration

Posted by Introduction Hair is one of the most important symbols of youth and vitality. People throughout history have sought methods to maintain and restore ones hair. Hair loss, especially in the young, can be psychologically devastating (1). For sufferers of male- and female-pattern baldness there is the potential for surgery to move...

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Pioneers of hair transplantation in Toronto

Posted by HISTORY The first record of a successful hair transplant was in 1822, when a German medical student named Diffenbach performed an experimental surgery on himself and his mentor Dr. Dom Unger, they used hair from one area of a patient's scalp and transported it to another area1. The first modern surgical technique was...

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Minoxidil – Treatment for Hair Loss

Posted by Androgenetic alopecia is a prevalent hair loss condition and is commonly referred to as male patterned baldness1. As its name suggests, this hair loss disorder occurs more frequently in men (70% prevalence) as compared to women (40% prevalence)1. Patients with this condition display miniaturized hair follicles, possibly...

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