Follicular Unit Transplantation

Follicular Unit TransplantationThe Seager Hair Transplant Centre is one of very few facilities in the world that can finish one targeted area of baldness or thinning in one session with natural results and respectable density.

Since late 1995, we have been performing, almost exclusively, all-follicular unit hair transplantations using naturally-occurring bundles (follicular units) of 1, 2 or 3 hairs.

These follicular unit grafts are prepared with binocular stereoscopic microscope dissection. This helps us minimize damage to the donor hairs so we can get 10% – 30% more donor hair from the same size donor strip than we would if grafts were prepared using the naked eye or simple magnification.

These follicular unit grafts are then placed one-by-one right after each recipient site is made with a tiny needle. These grafts can be placed very close together but the small distances between the grafts will vary, giving a random pattern to the grafts, which is the way follicular units are spaced naturally. This method gives the most natural results possible and in one session we can complete an area to a density that looks finished.

Most other clinics still use older methods of hair transplantation. Most clinics use minigrafts containing 3 – 8 hairs inserted into slits make in the bald scalp, or a combination of minigrafts and micrografts (which contain 1 – 4 hairs). These methods use grafts that are not prepared with microscopes and could contain damaged hairs or could contain more or fewer hairs than planned. With the recipient sites being larger, there is more damage to the scalp circulation so the grafts had to be placed further apart. To complete an area using these older methods, multiple sessions were required and the results looked pluggy until completed and never looked as natural as the results of follicular unit hair transplantation. This is why we almost never use these older methods at the Seager Hair Transplant Centre. More and more surgeons are switching to exclusive follicular unit hair transplantation but, to the best of our knowledge, very few, if any, transplant as many grafts in one session, as close together as we do.

It is true that dense-packed follicular unit hair transplantation requires more staff training and time and is more demanding and labour intensive for us than hair transplantation using older methods. However, the convenience for you and the superior, natural results make this effort worthwhile.

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