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    Seager Hair Transplant Centre located in Toronto is exclusively dedicated to the practice of hair transplantation, medical hair restoration and the correction of hair loss for both men and women.
  • Hair Transplants
    Hair transplantation is the most well-known form of surgical hair restoration. Seager Hair Transplant Centre offers natural results using follicular unit hair transplantation.
    • Historical Developments
      Learn about the history of hair transplantation and how Seager Hair Transplant Centre has remained a leader in hair restoration procedures.
    • Design
      Details about Seager Hair Transplant Centre's approach to hair design for hair restoration procedures.
    • Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation
      Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation provides natural looking results, without a "plugged" or "tufted" appearance.
  • Why Us?
    Seager Hair Transplant Centre is selected by people in Toronto and the GTA as the best hair transplant and restoration clinic for both men and women.
    • Top 5 Reasons
      Top five reasons to choose Seager Hair Transplant Centre: Consistent results, patient comfort and satisfaction, quality, finished hair density and microscopic dissection.
    • Dr.McKenzie
      The Seager Hair Transplant Centre team is headed by experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr McKenzie and other staff who are uniquely qualified for their individual roles and responsibilities.
    • Dr. Simmons´
      My mission is to help hair-loss sufferers look and feel their best by offering exceptional, natural-looking hair transplants that defy detection.
    • Our Team
    • Philosophy / Mission
      Seager Hair Transplant Centre's mission and philosophy is to provide natural-looking hair restoration results using the latest advancements in hair transplantation.
    • Research & Articles
    • Financing Information
      Seager Hair Transplant Clinic provides financing options for your hair restoration procedure with low monthly payments, flexible terms and high approval rates.
  • Photos
    Gallery showing before and after photos of actual hair restoration treatments performed by Seager Hair Transplant Centre.
  • Free Consultation
    Seager Hair Transplantation Centre provides an easy, no-obligation and personalized hair restoration consultation.
    • Contact Us in Person
      If you would like to contact us in person, you can schedule a time for a free and informative personal consultation.
    • Contact Us by Email
      Seager Hair Transplantation Centre now offers a new way to get free consultation, to serve the patients in a better way, by simply filling out the online form.
    • Contact Us by Mail
      Seager Hair Transplant Centre offers opportunity to discuss on hair transplantation, hair loss treatments of patients by sending photographs through mail.
  • For Women
    The Seager Hair Transplant Centre is a world leader in the field of hair loss and hair restoration for women.
  • The Seager Advantage
    Seager Hair Transplant Centre provides step by step treatment for thicker, healthier hair.
  • Why Do Some People Lose Their Hair?
    Describes the main causes that contribute to hair loss like Androgenetic , Alopecia or pattern baldness.
    • Androgenetic Alopecia
      Androgenetic Alopecia is hair loss that is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones called androgens.
    • Other Causes
      Some temporary & permanent reason for hair loss.
    • Other Conditions
      Other conditions like severe malnutrition and protein deficiency, thyroid disease and elevated hormones can lead to hair loss.
    • Misconceptions
      Some misconceptions about hair loss.
  • Hairgrafting: Why? For Whom?
    Find out if you are a candidate for hair grafting as a hair transplantation solution, and the conditions that are not well-suited to hair transplantation.
    • General Considerations
      General considerations for hair design and hair restoration.
    • Young Men
      Seager Hair Transplant Centre provides hair treatment for men of all ages.
    • Thinning Hair
      If the thinning hair already bothers you when you look in the mirror, why wait? Find out more about our hair restoration procedures.
    • Crown Balding
      Decisions about hair transplantation for crown balding can be made after an individual assessment.
    • Receding Hairline
      When someone has a hairline that is starting to recede, it is wise to transplant hair to improve the hairline now and for the future.
    • Previous Scarring
      Seager Hair Transplant Centre has performed hair transplantation for many men who have had scarring from previous surgery, injuries, or chemical or thermal burns.
    • Previous Hair Restoration
      Seager Hair Transplant performs hair transplants for patients who have already had hair transplantation elsewhere.
    • Diffuse Hair Loss
      If you have diffuse hair loss and you undergo hair transplantation, over time the hair in the donor area and the transplanted hair may become thinner.
    • Hair Loss Other Than Scalp
      Hair can successfully be transplanted to skin on any area of the body like eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, sideburns, moustaches, and the chest.
  • What Can I do about Hair Loss?
    Seager Hair Transplant Centre provides long-lasting, finished, natural looking, low maintenance hair in just one session.
    • Medications
      Minoxidil & Finasteride are the only two non-surgical treatments which are effective for hair loss treatment.
    • Hair Transplantation
      Hair transplantation is the most well-known form of surgical hair restoration. Seager Hair Transplant Centre can provide you natural results by using follicular unit hair transplantation.
    • Other Treatments
      Other hair treatment options include scalp cleaners and laser treatment.
  • Hair Facts
    Hair facts, such as how as there are approximately 5 million hairs over your entire body.
    • Growth Cycle
      Research is being done to determine what controls this growth cycle but there is still much to learn.
    • Follicular Units
      Follicular Unit Transplantation requires the precise dissection of each follicular unit, keeping all of its elements intact.
  • The 'Hair' Blog
    Hair restoration blog providing information on hair transplants, hair loss, hair replacement and hair treatment for both men and women in Toronto.
  • FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplant - results, safety, recovery & cost.
    • Results
      Frequently asked questions about hair transplant surgery and hair restoration results.
    • Safety
      Safety questions about hair transplant surgery, such as whether it is painful, dangerous and more.
    • Recovery
      Frequently asked questions relating to hair transplantation recovery.
    • Cost
      Information about hair transplant cost, whether the process is expensive and about the financial assistance options available.
  • Privacy
    Seager Hair Transplant Centre privacy policy statement.
  • Contact Us
    Contact Seager Hair Transplant Centre for surgical hair replacement and hair restoration treatments which cures hair loss problem, follicular unit extraction at an affordable price.

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