What can I do about hair loss?

The first option for women who are experiencing hair loss is to camouflage hair loss by changing their hairstyle and/or perming and/or colouring their hair. Some women resign themselves to live with hair loss but many don’t know about their options. The fact that you have read this far suggests that you are not happy to just accept hair loss.

Fortunately there are some other options.

Some women turn to hairpieces or weaves or extensions. A few even use hair “systems” that are really just hairpieces that are bonded to the scalp. With a variety of women’s hairstyles available, a fairly natural look can often be achieved. The fastening of the hairpiece, weave or extension can, however, lead to Traction Alopecia in some. The limitations on activities, maintenance and long term cost coupled with the difficulty to maintain a natural look, especially with aging, leave most women looking for better, more permanent solutions.

There are thousands of products that claim to help fight hair loss. Since hair loss and hair growth are very gradual processes, change comes slowly. People want to believe that what they are doing, using or taking works, so there is a very large placebo effect with hair loss treatment. In other words, out of 100 people who use a bogus treatment, at least 30 will believe that it helped (and many would be prepared to give a testimonial to that effect.) That is why testimonials about hair loss products are nearly meaningless and we need to rely on scientific, unbiased studies.

Medications can help stabilize hair loss but only work with continuous use and are much better at maintaining hair than improving hair. They can be used quite effectively in conjunction with hair transplantation, however.

Hair Transplantation Before Hair Transplantation After

Hair Restoration Surgery and more specifically Hair Transplantation has become the treatment of choice for more and more women. In years past, many women were discouraged from having hair transplantation or were unhappy with the results of older methods. Especially since the mid 90’s, methods have been developed and refined at the Seager Hair Transplant Centre to allow us to provide long-lasting, finished, natural looking, low maintenance hair for women in just one session.

Other treatments , to date, remain unproven.


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