Growth Cycle

Growth Cycle

A terminal scalp hair will typically grow ½ inch per month for 2-6 years in the “Anagen” phase then over 2-4 weeks it will go through a transition, called the “Catagen” phase, at the end of which begins a resting phase, called the “Telogen” phase, which lasts for 2—4 months.

In the Catagen Phase the “root” or dermal papilla shrinks and migrates upward toward the surface of the skin. The hair in the Telogen Phase is club-shaped and does not have the full ball or root that an Anagen hair has.

The hairs you see every day on your brush or pillow, or in your shower or sink is the hair that is shed in the Telogen Phase. It will be replaced by a new, growing Anagen hair.

Research is being done to determine what controls this growth cycle but there is still much to learn.


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