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We would be happy to discuss hair transplantation with you after receiving a note and photographs by mail.

Our address is:
The Seager Hair Transplant Centre
Suite 418, The Court
Centenary Site, Rouge Valley Hospital
2863 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M1E 5E9

Please send some good quality photographs of your thinning/balding areas. Please include photos with your normal hairstyle and other photos accentuating the thin or bald areas. This would include views from the front, sides, back and top and should be taken with your hair dry. To determine the correct location for a transplanted hairline, please ensure that your whole face is visible. These photographs will be kept private and confidential. You can match your photographs with these examples:

Front View
Side View
Top View
Back View

It would also help if you could take photos of the donor area. Please send photos of the sides with the hair parted about 1” above the ear, and photos of the back with the hair parted along the base of the skull. If you have any scars in the donor area please send additional photos with the hair parted along the scars.


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FUT Hair Transplant on Norwood 4 hair loss pattern
FUT Hair Transplant on Norwood 4 hair loss pattern

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