Patient Quotes & Testimonials

Not everyone is willing to have their photographs displayed. Here are some quotes from letters of thanks from patients at the Seager Hair Transplant Centre:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for you great skill and professionalism…You all make a potentially stressful experience much more pleasant…” JH

“A big thank-you to a very special team of professionals. My transplanted hair is growing in beautifully. It exceeds my expectations.” GW

“I was pleasantly pleased with the results and want to thank you and your staff for the excellent wok and professional service I received while in Toronto…I am very happy that Dr. Seager’s Clinic and practice has been passed on to someone with a commitment of excellence and integrity. I am sure Dr. Seager had a lot of respect and confidence in your work and wanted to hand off his clinic to someone with capable hands.” KH

Dr. McKenzie…After my initial consultation with yourself I knew I was in the right place…From the moment I entered your office to the completion of my surgery, everything was done with professionalism.” GW

“…send along my gratitude to Dr. McKenzie and the wonderful staff at the clinic. As previously, the skill and experience of those involved make the procedure run smoothly and painlessly.” SH

“Dr. McKenzie…I just want to thank you. I was wearing a hat until last week. Then I went to get a hair cut and a bit of colouring done. And I want to say that I look totally awesome…U don’t know how happy I am and I must thank you and your team…I want to tell you that the quality of the transplant is astonishing. I think the Seager Hair Transplant Centre in the best in the world…” IK

“Dr. McKenzie…I just wanted to thank you and your team for the procedure you performed on me…I really had no idea what to expect and despite my fears and apprehension everything and everyone was great. It is easy to recognize a well oiled machine and a well managed team when you see it.” KL

“I just want to let you know how pleased I am with you and your wonderful staff. Everything seems to be A-OK…I am so confident that you and your staff did everything right, that you will want to add a before and after picture of “ME” to you wall of fame.” JM

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done! A great job! It has been eight months since I left your office and my hair is richer and fuller than I ever expected.” … AF

“… has helped me to regain my ability to buy my Corvette and be able to put the top-down have the wind blow the … transplants straight back. I am so happy with the results, I only wish that I would (have) come to (you) first.”… MR

“During my surgery, the “amnesia-like”/pain-alleviation effect of the medication was certainly the way to go for a sensitive guy like me… I felt virtually no pain during the surgery as compared to my first transplant experience in Texas… Thank you very much … for your expertise and courteousness and in achieving my hair restoration goals!”…DDR

“A sincere thank you to you and your staff. It is now two years since my latest surgery and look at the results!” … CP

“This is for me the turn of a new life. Some people don’t realize or just take for granted the fact of just having a full head of hair. Unfortunately for me, hair loss had affected me a lot and today I am slowly regaining confidence in myself and looking forward to undertaking many activities which I had not been participating to as a result of having been enslaved to a baseball cap.”…CN

“It’s been over a year since you did my transplant… It came out great. No one can tell at all.”…LW

“Thank you for everything. Your whole organization is a class act!!”…JO

“One year post-op and things are really looking great! Thanks so much for helping me get my life back.”…DO

“Just a little note to say thank you for the profound changes you have made in my life.”…CF

” I’m… one of your happy and very satisfied former patients…The hair transplants have given me a great confidence boost. Last November I decided to start my own business. I left the government clerk position which I had for over twelve years. I hated getting up each morning going through the motions. Now I’m trying to do something for myself.”…BH

“This is a little note to say how pleased I am with my hair transplants. I now take my hair for granted and wear it naturally the way I like and nobody knows the difference. I tell you very honestly it was worth every penny.”…JS

“My hair looks so beautiful and I am so happy about my change of appearance… thank you so much again for your great work. You have changed my life.”…M
“I’m over the moon with the new hair that started coming in about six weeks ago. First time in years that I don’t mind when my hair gets wet from the rain or wind. Very happy.”…AT
“When I first approached your clinic, I was 20 years of age and deeply distressed by early indications of hair loss. Despite my naive desire to begin transplant surgery as early as possible, you advised that my hair loss had not yet progressed to a point that would warrant transplantation, and that I should perhaps wait several years before returning for a second consultation. After several years had passed, and the pattern of my hair loss could be clearly discerned, I returned to your clinic, eager to hear your opinion. You evaluated my individual case, answered all my questions patiently and at length, and proposed the best course of action. Rather than recommending a very youthful hairline that would be immediately gratifying, but perhaps unnatural-looking in the future, you suggested a slightly receded look that would make allowances for the eventual loss of my pre-existing hair. I appreciated your honesty in this regard, as well as your genuine concern for my future satisfaction and well-being; many other doctors in your position would have concerned themselves solely with “the easy sell” by promising not what was in my best interests, but rather what I wanted to hear… I am delighted with the results of the procedure to date, and I would have no compunction about recommending your practice to my brother, father, or anyone else considering hair transplantation.”…CV

“The service was outstanding! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and at ease.”…TP

“I want to thank you again for the wonderful work you performed on me in the past, and therefore would not even consider going anywhere else.”…GT

“The smile is again on his face, and everyone can see how great now is his trust in himself. Thank you again for your help.”… SM on behalf of AM

” I don’t look like the same person, you wouldn’t be able to recognize me. What a big difference in my outlook and appearance.”…R

” I would also like to express once more my happiness and satisfaction for the hair you have given me back … Believe me, my self-confidence has totally changed.”…SC

“A HUGE vote of thanks to everyone who took care of me Thursday. I really felt like a king.”…LH

“My hair is incredible growing and I have a new look. You would not believe. I must congratulate you again for your magical work.”…IQ


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