Crown Balding

Crown BaldingMost men would like to cover their whole head with hair. Unfortunately, many men will eventually lose enough hair that there won’t be enough donor hair to cover the entire remaining bald area without making the transplanted hair look too sparse to make a significant cosmetic improvement. Baldness tends to be progressive over time and there is a fixed amount of donor hair available for transplantation. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, we will not be able to create more hair and will be limited to redistributing the safe donor hair that you already have.

Many men lose their hair from front to back and appreciate how important it is to have a nice hairline and hair from the hairline to the horizon to frame their face and make them look younger.

Some men lose their hair from back to front. Since they already have nice hair in front they become disturbed by the hair loss in the crown and want to fill it in. For men who look like they will become extensively bald or for young men whose eventual degree of baldness is impossible to predict, we have to ensure that we save enough donor hair to complete the most important cosmetic areas which are the front and top of the scalp. This is why we would recommend against transplanting their crowns until the more important areas are completed and until we have seen, over time, how their pattern of hair loss develops.

That is not to say that we will never transplant a balding crown. If we are confident, based on the age of the patient and their pattern of hair loss, that we will still have sufficient donor hair to meet possible future needs, we will transplant the midscalp and anterior crown as long as the entire non-transplanted frontal area could be transplanted in one additional session.

Of course, if someone has already transplanted the frontal area and the midscalp and they clearly have ample donor hair to meet possible future needs, we can transplant their crown.

Decisions about hair transplantation in the crown are best made after an individual assessment. Please contact us and send photos or come for a personal consultation if you are interested in crown transplantation.

To fill in the first marked area well for this gentleman would take approximately 2800 — 3000 follicular unit grafts. The transplanted hair will frame his face and can be styled back to make the bald spot look smaller. If he were to have a second session of 2800 — 3000 follicular unit micrografts spread over a slightly larger area, as marked, the bald area could be reduced considerably. The transplanted hair would easily hide the remaining bald spot. He would have enough donor hair to cover the crown but would likely choose not to use it. Someone who has less hair to begin with or has the potential to lose more hair than him would not have enough donor hair to cover the whole bald area well.


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