General Considerations for Design

General Considerations General Considerations for Design

Reasonable Goals

With hair transplantation, we generally aim to provide a slightly receded hairline and the density of hair that would make someone think that your hair has just become slightly thin.

Since transplanted hair usually lasts a lifetime, we have to ensure that the transplanted hair will look natural at all ages. Many men feel and say that they won’t care what they look like in 10 or 15 years but, based on our experience with men of all ages, men never stop caring about their appearance.

You will have a “fixed budget” of donor hair. Your donor hair has to be used to provide the maximal cosmetic benefit and it would generally be unwise to spend a lot of donor hair to get a small increase in hair density at the expense of leaving a large area uncovered. At the same time trying to spread the transplanted hair to cover too large an area will make the results look too thin everywhere. We will aim to provide the perfect balance between density and coverage and that usually tips toward having a bit more density in front and a bit more coverage in back.

Extent of hair loss

Men have a finite amount of donor hair available for hair transplantation. Following in the tradition of Murphy’s Law, men with more extensive hair loss have less donor hair available.

A top priority for hair transplantation is to provide hair in the hairline and frontal area to frame the face. Men who are extensively bald or have the potential to become extensively bald unfortunately must adapt their expectations and accept that, even after hair transplantation, they will have a bald area in the crown.

Even extensively bald men usually have enough donor hair to fill in the front and top of their scalp nicely. Having hair in these areas can make an enormous difference in your appearance and your confidence.

Donor hair density/availability

It follows that men with greater density of donor hair will be able to transplant more hair than men with more sparse donor hair.

Hair characteristics

Differences in hair types can make noticeable differences in results. The hair transplant design must be adapted to provide the optimum cosmetic results for your given hair characteristics.

As a general rule, fine hair looks extremely natural but has less covering power than coarser hair. Someone with very fine hair can either accept a thinner look or can place more hair into a smaller area. Nature often compensates for providing fine hair by providing more hairs per follicular unit. Special attention must be paid to the creation of a no-line hairline for men with very coarse hair.

Wavy or curly hair covers more of the bald or thin scalp than straight hair, especially if the hair is grown a bit longer.

Longer hair provides more volume than shorter hair. Before or after hair transplantation if the sides are kept shorter than the top, the top will look more full. After hair transplantation, keeping the top 2 or 3 inches long and the sides an inch or more long will make the top look more full than keeping the top 1 inch long and the sides ¾ of an inch long.

High contrast between scalp colour and hair colour makes the hair look more “see-through”, especially if the hair is spaced further apart. If the hair is fairly dense, dyeing the hair darker usually, but not always, makes it loo fuller.

At the Seager Hair Transplant Centre we have extensive experience working with all types of hair and can design hair transplantation that will make the most of the hair you were given.

Scalp characteristics

For the most part scalp characteristics impact on the ease and speed of hair transplantation more than on the final results. Scarring can affect growth as can decreased vascularity due to heavy smoking or long-standing poorly controlled diabetes.


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