2489 Follicular Unit Grafts For A Norwood 3A Thinning Man

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This 35 year-old man has average-fine, dark brown, wavy hair and a Norwood 3A thinning pattern. We transplanted 2489 Follicular Unit Grafts to his frontal area with densities varying from 56 to 42 grafts per square centimeter. Dr Simmons performed a trichophytic 1-layer closure with routine undermining of both edges. (He usually uses a 2-layer closure without undermining now.)

At his 5 month follow-up appointment, he was already pleased with his results and was looking forward to some additional growth over the next few months.

It was raining on the day of this patient’s annual follow up appointment and when he arrived at the clinic, his hair was wet. This gave us the opportunity to take and present his photos with both wet and dry hair.

The final photos were taken 14 months after his surgery and he is very happy. He feels that his hair looks natural and that his donor scar is barely visible with short hair. He continues to take Finasteride and may not need more hair transplantation for a long time.

Hair Transplant Surgery was performed in Toronto by Dr. Cam Simmons of The Seager Medical Group.

Hair Transplant Surgery Toronto

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