3231 Follicular Unit Grafts in Front for Man Developing an Isolated Frontal Forelock

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Our patient was 49 years old and had experienced hair loss for the past 25 years. He had a Norwood 3V thinning pattern but also appeared to be developing an isolated forelock. He was mainly concerned with his frontal area. He had average density and average diameter, salt-and-pepper hair.

We transplanted 3231 Follicular Unit Grafts to his frontal area, excluding his dense forelock. There were 399 singles, 1932 twos, and 900 threes. Singles were placed along his hairline. Density was created using 56 Follicular Unit Grafts/cm2 , then 49 Follicular Unit Grafts/cm2 , and 42 Follicular Unit Grafts/cm2.

Below you are able to view the before and corresponding after photographs which were taken 8 months after the hair transplant surgery. He can expect subtle improvement in the next four months and plans to return to transplant his midscalp and crown.

Hair Restoration

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