Am I too Old for Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair Transplant Surgery Benefits

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors in both men and women. One of the most common causes is also the most uncontrollable: genetics. In the case of many men, their hair loss begins to occur in their twenties and thirties, and sometimes as early as their teenage years. For women, thinning hair is a common sign of aging and at any age, hair loss can be devastating. When men and women reach their golden years they may feel younger than they look, and wonder if they are too old to consider hair transplant surgery.

Fortunately, age is not a concern, as long as the patient is in good medical condition. Hair transplants have been performed on patients in their eighties. Genetics and age may be factors out of our control but losing hair does not have to be. There are permanent solutions with hair transplant surgery.

What you should know About Hair Transplants Later in Life:

1. Hair Transplant Surgery will make you Look Younger

A hair transplant will soften the features and create a “frame” around the face, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, coarse features and other signs of aging. Baldness is sometimes associated with being old, and having hair can take years off of an individual’s perceived age.

2. You can Feel Great at Any Age

Nobody has to accept that they are getting old if they feel young at heart. I their golden years, men and women should finally be able to enjoy the well-earned fruits of their labour, and feel great in the process. If it’s having hair for that dream cruise, Saturday night social or just to feel more self-confident, then a hair transplant can certainly be the right choice.

3. It’s not as Expensive as you might think

It’s reasonable that patients might be concerned about the cost of hair transplant surgery but in fact, when compared to other methods of hair replacement, hair transplants are surprisingly economical. After the procedure, hair will naturally re-grow on its own. There is no need to purchase chemicals afterward, or have a hairpiece that has to be repaired, tinted and replaced on a regular basis. Overall, a hair transplant offers the most natural and cost-effective solution for hair loss.

Patients considering hair replacement surgery should schedule a consultation to meet with the surgeon, have the process explained fully, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Hair transplants are safe and routinely performed on men and women of all ages. The decision to have hair transplant surgery provides patients with the self-esteem, confidence and restored self-image that they’ve desired for years.

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