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Does Hair Transplant Surgery Last a Lifetime?

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Hair TransplantExperiencing hair loss is troublesome and often traumatic and hair loss sufferers considering a transplant are usually full of questions. One of the more common and understandable questions is if hair transplant surgery is permanent or not.

Losing hair the first time is bad enough, but the risk of losing it again would really be tough. Here’s how the whole process works:

The Genetic Program

Your hair growth is genetically programmed from the time you are born. Some people seem to have a pretty full head of hair well into their 70’s and 80’s, and some are only left with the hair at the sides and back before their 20’s are up.

However, it is in that hair at the sides and back – the permanent hair -that the answer to the question of hair transplant surgery lies. Basically, no matter what happens on the top of your head, for the overwhelming majority of people, the hair on the sides and back is genetically resistant to hair loss and destined to last a lifetime.

The Donor Areas

That is why in hair transplant surgery, the donor areas are in the back of your head. Hairs are taken from the back, where hair loss doesn’t happen, and transplanted to the top or front, where it does.

And so, the answer to the question is yes. Hair transplanted from the donor area to an area of hair loss will maintain that genetic resistance once it is in the new location. It will grow and behave just as if it had been left in the donor area and not moved at all.

Future Transplants

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to schedule another hair transplant surgery. Chances are, you won’t be transplanting hair to every viable area of your scalp the first time. Sometimes, hairs that were still intact when you had the first transplant will fall out over time, and you’ll want a follow up surgery to make it all even.

Any hairs you had transplanted from the donor area will be there for life, but no one can guarantee what will happen with the other parts of the front and top of your head. Unless it has all fallen out and you’ve replaced it all, there’s a chance you may need a future treatment.

The only way those transplanted hairs will fall out is if the surgeon did the transplant incorrectly. An experienced and skilled surgeon will ensure your new hair is in there to stay!

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