Hair Loss Implications

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Hair loss has always been about much more than vanity for both the men and women who suffer with Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss. Wanting to look and feel our best is natural, and with hair loss, the way we feel about ourselves doesn’t necessarily gel with what we see in the mirror. Fortunately today a real option exists to help to combat hair loss, hair transplantation offers people the chance to cheat nature and genetics and give you back your own, naturally growing hair.

A hair transplant replaces the hair loss to Male or Female Pattern hair loss with your own hair. It offers a permanent solution to sufferers by transplanting hair that is not susceptible to the hair loss process that affected the original hair.

A few clinics have this down to an art, producing results that look so natural that even your nearest and dearest won’t be able to tell, and most importantly results that will allow you to look in the mirror and forget it’s a transplant, allowing you to just enjoy the hair!

In a field that offers more options and clinics than ever – and now one of the top 5 male cosmetic procedures – the choice in clinic you make is as important as whether or not to undergo the procedure. With more and more practitioners offering hair transplantation, the main things to consider when choosing the clinic is Reputation and Results, as with everything in life there are many Doctors performing the procedure, but with few doing it well and the results vary widely from clinic to clinic.

A few pointers… Choose a clinic that exclusively performs hair transplants and has an established history, one that is recognized by both the ISHRS and ABHRS. The Doctor you are choosing should be the clinics primary Doctor and should be well established within the field. Always meet with your Doctor prior to booking the procedure and ensure that long term planning is his or her main concern, you want something that looks great now, but also in the future. And ask to see results, and make sure they are of similar hair loss stage and hair characteristics as your own. Don’t expect that a photo of someone with a different hair loss patterns and hair type is going to be a representation of how you will look.


Dr Mark McKenzie is a 15 year veteran in the field of Hair Transplantation, performing surgeries exclusively for the world renown Seager Hair Transplant Centre for the last 5 years. Dr McKenzie has been a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 1995 and is currently a Board Member and Examiner for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

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