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How Long Do Hair Transplant Surgeons Train?

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Surgeon's TrainingIn the world of restorative surgery and plastic surgery, hair restoration is still a relatively new discipline. Choosing just the right surgeon to take on your hair loss and give you the head of hair you envision isn’t always as easy as performing a quick online search and then wading through the results.

You’ll find no shortage of doctors and medical centers claiming to perform hair transplant surgery, it’s finding ones that offer the highest quality results that poses the biggest challenge.

Hair Restoration as a Specialty

Around the world, hair transplant surgery is performed by doctors from a variety of medical backgrounds. The length of time that your hair transplant surgeon has trained overall will depend on what his or her background entails.

As for the specialty of hair restoration, there is an annual conference held by the International Society of Hair Restoration, and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery offers a Board Certification. Aside from these two designations, different training courses provide the knowledge and skills that a surgeon needs to succeed in the field.

What to Look For

Since specific training is not yet required to perform hair transplant surgery, it’s important to look for certain points to make sure you’re aligning yourself with a quality surgeon.

  • Ask what type of credentials the surgeon does have. What is his background? What type of medical training does he have?
  • Ask about the specific hair transplant training he or she has, and from where?
  • Ask to see before and after photos of hair transplant surgeries he or she has performed.
  • Look for an office or clinic that is clean and professional-looking. Does it seem organized? Did everyone, including the doctor answer all of your questions?
  • Do the surgeons take part in continuing education such as seminars and courses that introduce new techniques and procedures in the world of hair transplant surgery?
  • Is the office and the surgeon clear and up front about the cost of the procedure? There is no reason for hidden costs to show up on the final invoice.

With a procedure that is so personal, and so important to the men and women who get it, finding a reputable practitioner is extremely important. Seager is a recognized and trusted name in the hair transplant industry, and it is a great starting point for your journey.

Feel free to book a consultation so we can show you our credentials, take a look at your hair and explain the process to you in detail.

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