Interview with Seager Patient, Shawn from Toronto

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Shawn had a hair transplant procedure in February 2010 and volunteered for an interview to share his experiences with patients who have been considering a hair transplant procedure.

Shawn, what were your initial reasons for having a hair transplant?

I knew the obvious benefit would be appearance and I almost didn’t go through with it because I thought it was all for frivolous vanity. The question, “Am I nuts?” ran through my head over and over again. It’s a question that prevents a lot of guys from doing this. I tell everyone who asks me about the procedure the same thing; and that is, two years later and based on my experience, I significantly undervalued the overall impact that a hair transplant has had on my sense of well being.

In these two years have you discovered any hidden or surprising benefits to the hair transplant procedure?

Definitely! We all get older but we don’t have to feel our age. I’m still very active at 46 and I can do all of the things I did when I was twenty. I may feel the effects a little more the next morning (laughs) but I can still do them. Unfortunately when you look old, society expects you to “act old” regardless of how you feel, and that’s wrong. When people see my healthy head of hair they don’t question when I’m on stage playing in the band, skiing, diving, or doing any of the activities I love to do. That is the greatest gift that The Seager Group and this procedure had provided.

Have the results been consistent since full recovery?

Yes, there hasn’t been much change in appearance from about a year ago, my hair is thick and full and too darn curly (laughs). The scar has healed nicely and all sensitivity has returned to normal.

I look a lot younger than my age and I know if I hadn’t had the procedure that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. I would likely be bald on top by now, or very close to it.

Do you ever worry about the hair transplant being noticeable?

Not at all. The stylist at the hair salon still can’t believe how good a job you did. She has seen a few transplants over the years and none look nearly this good. Whenever I go in she washes my hair before cutting it and even running the comb through wet hair, she has difficulty finding the scar. She’s always saying, “Shawn, seriously that’s the only way you can tell, and only because you told me. If I wasn’t looking for it I doubt I would see it. I don’t know what you paid but it’s worth it because those guys are artists. Your hair looks amazing and so natural. No matter how good the others are they never seem to get the hair line right and as I stylist I know what that should look like.”

That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Shawn

It was my pleasure. Anything to promote this life changing procedure! Please say hi to Dr. Simmons, Dr McKenzie, Ben, and Vivian and give them my best.

Will do! Thanks.

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