Medical & Surgical Hair Restoration for Female Hair Loss

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Female hair loss gives a new meaning to the phrase “bad hair day”. As women our hair is one of the most important accessories we use everyday to make us look our best. Our hair has been defining us as girls, and then women, from the time we had enough hair for our mothers to put a bow in it. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when a woman suffers from hair loss, it can have a devastating effect on her sense of confidence and self image. When you see a man who is balding it is considered nothing out of the ordinary however, if you see a woman who is suffering from thinning hair she looks out of place and you think “I wonder what is wrong with her?”

We spend hundreds of dollars a year at the hair salon having our hair styled, coloured, and highlighted; not to mention the amount of money spent on hair care products. So the first place we would look for a hair loss product would be at the salon. Unfortunately there isn’t a shampoo or hair styling product that will cure hair loss.

The first place you should look for answers is at your family physician’s office. The goal is to investigate the cause of your hair loss and make a diagnosis. He or she may treat you themselves or refer you to a dermatologist. Either way it will involve providing a medical history, a scalp examination, some blood work and perhaps a scalp biopsy. The causes for hair loss in women can include low iron, thyroid disease, recent stress or illness, pregnancy, hormonal disorders and scalp disease. One of the most common causes is genetic female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia which is characterized by hair loss which usually starts a few centimeters behind the hairline and progresses through the middle of the scalp. A thorough investigation is required before any treatment is started because the causes of hair loss in women can be so varied.

There are a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments available. One non-surgical option is Rogaine, a topical solution that is applied twice a day to the affected scalp that can help slow down the progression of hair loss. Topical cosmetics such as DermMatch can be used to camouflage the thinning areas. Hair extensions can also be used to augment thinning hair. For women who have extensive hair loss and are not suitable candidates for other treatments choosing a wig may be an option.

Hair transplantation is a very effective treatment for female pattern hair loss. Hair is taken from the sides and back of the scalp and transplanted into the thinning areas. Using modern techniques of “follicular unit grafting”, grafts are transplanted one at a time creating incredibly natural results. Hair transplants can also be used to restore hair in the temples and hairline after a facelift or brow lift to camouflage the scars. Eyebrows that are sparse due to over plucking can be transplanted and so can eyelashes.

At the Seager Medical Group we are experienced in these techniques and have helped pioneer the advances in the field of hair restoration surgery. We pride ourselves in being able to not only restore your hair but your self confidence as well.

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