Tips to get better results with Hair transplantation

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Everyone wants to look and feel their best! For men with early onset hair loss and male pattern balding, a solution that is available to increase self-esteem and restore youth is that of hair transplantation! For those seriously considering making the change, here are some tips to make your experience a successful one.

Hair Transplantation Results

  1. Pick a top surgeon. Your outcome is solely based on your surgeon’s ability to craft a natural and cohesive hairline. The line where your hair meets your forehead is at eyelevel and naturally draws other people’s eyes there. Make sure the hairline suits your face, meshes with remaining hairline, and helps (not hinders) the border of the face. Make sure your surgeon does not wish to start the hairline too low! This can result in patches, a slow period of growing in, and more time and money to fix something that should never have happened in the beginning. Again, a reputable facility like Seager Medical Group will help you avoid these mishaps and find success!
  2. It may all sound the same… But nothing could be further from the truth. We all know it can be all too easy to simply say the right thing, or tell people want to hear. We also know it’s considerably more important to keep your promises. What a Doctor or clinic promise you may well differ from what they are able to produce. The results of a hair transplant last a life time and use a precious and very limited resource, your donor hair. Reputation and results are the only thing that matter when choosing a hair transplant Doctor, if they can’t prove what they say, find someone who can.
  3. Look at pictures. Search the internet for before and after pictures of transplants. Evaluate what you like and dislike about them. It’s even better if you have a gallery from the surgeon you wish to use to see his/her skill level, results, and satisfied customers!
  4. Demand Follicular Unit Grafts (NOT PLUGS) With the advances in the hair restoration field, hair transplants now have a more natural look as they are done in a smaller scale which results in more precision and a natural effect. Where 5-8 hairs shaped in a round plug format were once used, now 1-3 hairs are implanted as a follicular unit. If your doctor has not upgraded to this technique, keep looking!
  5. Adhere to doctor’s orders! Make sure to follow any specific pre and post-op instructions. These rules are in place to ensure a successful result. Be open and honest when answering questions regarding lifestyle and medication. Follow after-care routines for better maintenance and long-term achievement.
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