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Effective immediately the Seager Hair Transplant Centre and Canadian Hair Transplant Centre have united to form one clinic of excellence under the Seager Medical Group.

Seager Medical Group is proud to announce a second location.

Seager Medical Group – A Clinic of Excellence

Dr. Mark McKenzie and the staff of the Seager Hair Transplant Centre welcomed Dr. Cam Simmons and the staff of Canadian Hair Transplant Centre to share facilities in November 2011.  We are excited to take the next step in merging these two well respected hair transplant centres into one clinic of excellence.

“The merger frees me from administrative responsibilities so that my staff and I can focus on doing what we love most:  helping our patients look and feel their best.  I have enjoyed the gradual transition from two teams to one highly dedicated, experienced, and talented surgical staff.   Dr. McKenzie and I have the best of both worlds; we can share ideas and philosophies but still have the freedom to work independently for our own patients.” –Cam Simmons, MD, ABHRS.

“Combining the operations of both clinics has proved that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We have evolved into a clinic which is focused on the needs of our patients with a staff which is second to none. Dr. Simmons and I share a philosophy which is based on achieving the best results for our patients. We are able to exchange ideas as we work towards a common goal of excellence in the field of hair restoration surgery.” — Mark McKenzie M.D, ABHRS.

Seager Medical Group – Second Location

Consultations and surgical services are now available at 99 Yorkville Avenue, Downtown Toronto in addition to our original location at the Medical Court, Centenary Hospital, East Toronto.

The Yorkville location will be shared with Dr. Walter P. Unger, the renowned hair transplant doctor who also has offices on Park Avenue in New York.  Dr. Unger will continue to provide his own services at this location.

In keeping with our mission to positively and profoundly impact the quality of the lives of “hair loss” sufferers, we believe the addition of Dr. Cam Simmons and the new location will benefit our patients with additional options.

Our patients – will benefit from being able to share the years of experience and expertise the doctors have and the obvious advantages of having them in two convenient locations.

We are confident these recent changes will allow us to continue to be a beacon of excellence and quality.

We look forward to welcoming patients at both Seager Medical Group locations.

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