What Should You Look for in a Hair Transplant Doctor?

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Choosing your hair transplant doctor is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.There are many excellent doctors in the field, and there are also many not-so-good ones.So how do you differentiate between the bad, good and the excellent?Follow these tips to find the best hair transplant doctor in your area:

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Doctor

1.Look for a Hair Transplant Specialist

Choose a hair transplant doctor that only performs hair transplant surgery.This doctor is more likely to be an expert, have more experience with this procedure and be solely focused on hair transplant technology and research.

At the consultation, he or she will help evaluate all your hair loss options; surgical and non-surgical.Choose a hair transplant doctor you trust and are personally compatible with.You need to feel comfortable asking questions and discussing any concerns.

It’s not just the hair restoration doctor but also the clinic and staff that should factor into your final decision.Exceptional results require both an experienced doctor and a dedicated team.The team should routinely perform large surgeries and only use high power magnification (microscopes) for graft preparation.

2.Look into the Doctor’s Extracurricular Contributions in the Medical Community

Any patient would probably agree that they prefer a surgeon who is passionate about their career.A doctor who has made contributions into the medical and hair transplant community through medical journals, publications and textbook articles, can be considered a qualified candidate.

Doctors that are members of a Medical Board, such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, will likely hold their practice to a high standard of quality and will be on top of current research and advancements in the field.

3.Get to know the Doctor

There are many hair transplant doctors that have come from the same place as you; he or she may have also undergone a hair restoration procedure.Many patients feel comfortable and more trusting of a doctor that understands their prospective, knows exactly where patients are coming from, and why they want the procedure.

It’s okay to ask a hair transplant doctor about how he or she became involved in hair transplant surgery.If the doctor has never had a hair restoration procedure, talk with them about why they decided to go into the field; these types of conversations can often build trust.

4.Ask to See Before and After Pictures

Hair transplants are a science and an art.Seeing detailed sets of before and after pictures is one of the best ways to determine the right doctor for your procedure.

Do the hair transplants look natural?Do they look good on each individual?Take your time looking at pictures and ask questions to gain a clear understanding of the doctor’s methods and style.

The most successful hair transplant surgery is one that you’re prepared for, and this starts with careful research to help you choose the best doctor for you.

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