Dr. Nelson Ferreira

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Hi, this is Dr. Ferreira. Welcome to Seager medical Group. I hope we have the pleasure of meeting some day. For ten years I have been performing state of the art hair transplants as the medical director of a large hair transplant clinic. My dedication to the art and science of hair transplantation resulted in the good fortune of being recommended as a reputable hair transplant physician by reviewed and well known associations. I was recognized for the effort and consistent results and I was glad for the honor and took pride in looking after my patients.

Dr. Nelson Ferreira

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After almost 2000 hair transplants, I began to look for a new challenge. I wanted a cooperative effort with similar minded colleagues who are passionate about this work to achieve the best results possible anywhere in the world. I wanted to concentrate on the art and surgery of hair transplantation and not so much the day to day tasks of running a business. I was thrilled when discussions with the Seager Medical Group meant that I would be working with other experienced physicians who are also committed to excellence. I can use more of my energy to dedicate to hair transplantation and the well being of my patients. Furthermore, I have the resources of a long established clinic with experienced staff and physicians who put patient care first.

It s not easy to perform a great hair transplant and experience counts for a lot in this field. It takes a great team and a dedicated doctor who pays attention to details. Over time the effort pays off with consistently good results. You can produce beautiful and 100% natural results. However, it does not end there. Hair transplantation is constantly changing and evolving and every patient is unique and the doctor must consider the patient needs, facial architecture, possible future hair loss and many other factors. A doctor who performs hair transplantation must always be attentive to those small details and nuances that can make a good transplant great. You must develop an artistic eye and be able to see the best for your patients.

At the Seager clinic my worries are non-existent. The physicians and paramedical staff here have a well established reputation which is well deserved. I am excited to take my career to the next level with a world class clinic and I look forward to a great collaboration.

I continue to raise my young family and I try to be the best father, husband and doctor that I can be. It’s a challenge to live a healthy and balanced life, but I try. Life is busy and full. My work, my family and taking of patients are my passions. Its blessing to have them all…

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